Post-doctoral Fellows

We are currently accepting applications for post-doctoral fellows.   Interested candidates should send their CV and a statement of interest directly to Jennifer Kavran.

Graduate Students

We are happy to have rotation students come through the lab and have openings to take on PhD students.    We are currently part of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB), Program in Molecular Biophysics (PMB)Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI), Biochemistry Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB) training programs.

Master's Students

Positions are available for both MHS and ScM students from JHSPH.   If you are interested in a research opportunity, please e-mail us.

Undergradute Students

Jennifer started her research career as an undergraduate and is now happy to provide a similar opportunity for other undergraduates.    If you are interested in working in the laboratory during the school year or over the summer, please contact us.


All other inquiries should be emailed directly to Jennifer Kavran.